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Local Charlotte adwords management company has spent over $100,000,000 in PPC advertising with Google AdWords. PPC advertising – also known as Pay-Per-Click Advertising – allows Charlotte business owners to virtually dominate top positions on search engines and to appear on websites that are relevant to their respective industries. Imagine being the most prominent company in your industry, and attracting dozens, possibly hundreds of new customers to your Charlotte business week after week. That’s the kind of results that many of our clients get when they hire to take care of all their PPC management needs.
Have you been considering using the internet to advertise, but are not sure what the best approach is? If so, read on to find out more about the best AdWords Management company in Charlotte NC.

Effective AdWords PPC Marketing Strategies

Adwords-management-company-charlotte-ncThere are two basic approaches to pay per click marketing. The big companies, with huge marketing budgets, often go after the high dollar, high volume keywords for their PPC ads. This is an effective approach, but often too expensive for many small business owners. The second approach is all about finding the best lower volume, but very specific long tail keywords that people use when they do online searches and that’s where our ppc agency excels. These keywords can be used in very effective pay per click campaigns at a much lower cost. Our adwords management company in Charlotte NC has been working with Google Adwords since it was in beta testing many years ago.

 Charlotte NC PPC Management Services

Here are the most popular PPC advertising services that we offer to Charlotte businesses:

Keyword Research and Selection Services
Pay Per Click Cost Management
Ad Conversion Tracking
PPC Ad Text Creation
Landing Page Optimization
PPC Ad Submission
PPC Campaign Modification

Whether you choose to keep your PPC management in house or you want to handle it for you, you owe it to the future success of your business to find out more about all of these very effective PPC management services.

Pay Per Click (PPC) Mobile Advertising

Charlotte-ppc-marketingPPC mobile advertising is exploding with growth. Local business owners here in Charlotte NC have come to understand that up to 84% of potential customers are now using a mobile phone or smart device to check them out online prior to making a buying decision. So it makes sense to target mobile devices. This is an excellent internet marketing strategy as long as you geo target these customers.

Adwords Management in Charlotte NC

When considering your ppc agency, you absolutely want the best adwords management company in Charlotte. is the top adwords agency with a 16 year record of success with Google AdWords specifically. We will provide you with a free no obligation review of an existing adwords account. One thing to note that not all pay per click companies even know about and that is adwords remarketing or retargeting. Find out what it’s all about today, give us a call at 704-343-8700.


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