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online-reputation-management-strategyThere is nothing more important than online visibility for local businesses. For years, traditional marketing mediums, like television, radio and print ads were the only choices that local business owners had to use. However, those advertising or marketing mediums are very pricey, and to be honest, not as effective these days as they used to be. Why is it that you just can’t rely on the old school marketing methods to promote your local company? Because the whole world has shifted a bit and everyone prefers to get their information and entertainment online. Whether it’s the person at home searching for deals on their computer, or the mobile customer going online to find the best businesses in town, the fact of the matter is that your customer base is now spending more time online than ever before. is here to provide you with a solution to your local business marketing problems. The key to reaching all of those online users is not simply building a website or even starting a Facebook page for your company. While those things are important, the real key to reaching your target customer base is to improve your company’s online visibility. The first thing everyone looks for is your online reputation or online reviews. So not just for small businesses in Charlotte NC but nationwide, you need to be active in both your online reputation management but marketing your online reputation. Customers are looking for local businesses with the best online reputation specifically five star reviews. More on that below…

Online Reputation Marketing Companies

People used to pull out the phone book and look for businesses when they needed products and services. And while it is true that some people still do this, the majority of your prospective customers simply use their computers or smart phones to find the businesses that they will ultimately make purchases from. This is really the essence of online reputation marketing services. The basic idea is part of a comprehensive online reputation marketing strategy. There are several aspects of reputation management:

1. Generate as many five star reviews across all the online directories like: Google+, Google My Business, Yelp and many others.

2. Take those amazing 5 star reviews and market them across all the social media sites to let people know about your online reviews

Think about it, if you are searching for a new business or maybe restaurant or even a local dentist here in Charlotte, NC. If you had one doctor or dentist with five star reviews and the others were 3.4 or below; would you even look at the bad reviews? Local search is where it’s at when it comes to increasing your small business’s online visibility. When those folks look for the products or services that your company has to offer, you want your company to be the one that they find when they do a local search.

reputation-marketing-companyCan Charlotte Consumers Find Your Business Online

No matter what it is that you sell, there are already plenty of people in Charlotte looking for those products and services. The key is making sure that these prospective customers and clients can find your company when they do their online searches. That’s where comes into the picture. We are the premier online local marketing company. In addition to helping you establish a presence of your own online, we will also make sure that your business is optimally listed on the most important search engines and online business directories. We provide you with metrics and reports to show you just how much your online visibility will improve once you allow us to put your next online marketing campaign into action.

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