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Online Presence Management for Small Business Charlotte NC

online presence managementOnline presence management for small, local business used to be somewhat of a guessing game. Business owners would often hire “web designers” to create inexpensive, often amateurish websites to get the word out online about their companies. These days, however, a more structured, professional approach is required when building online presence. is located in Charlotte NC and we take a lot of pride in helping our clients to increase their web presence with the most up-to-date, cutting edge internet marketing and Charlotte SEO agency services currently available.

Keep on reading to find out how can help to make your local company more popular online and more attractive to prospective customers.

Search Engine Maps Listing

There was a time when people would break out a map and write down directions when they wanted to find their way around. Now that the internet has exploded, however, those days are long gone. Today, customers will simply type in some keywords and get instant map listings on their mobile devices to find the companies that they wish to make purchases from. It is now more important than ever to ensure that your company comes up with the most visible search engine maps listings to draw in more prospective customers.

You must be concerned about your online business presence today primarily due to the use of mobile devices for research. The local marketing team here at specializes in online presence management for small business owners. We then optimize your company’s website with the right ‘location-related’ keywords to make sure that your company ranks high in the results pages when people look for directions to companies in your industry.

Building online presence takes time as there are currently almost 400 active listing directories primarily consisting of online reviews. Recent studies have shown that 87% of potential customers look for online review sites to see what other customers have to say about a local business. Making sure you are proactive in establishing and maintaining the best online presence is very important moving forward. Google specifically looks for both bad and good reviews along with what are called citations or mentions about your business. Although Blueman Digital Marketing is located in Charlotte NC, we specialize in working with small to medium size local businesses who understand the importance of building a strong web presence.

online-web-presenceCreate Positive Feedback with 5 Star Reviews

It takes more than simply registering a website with the online map directories to improve your small business’s online presence. It is important to run targeted online PR campaigns to entice your customers to leave positive review and feedback on review sites, like Yelp and other online directories. can create a customized, results-driven PR campaign for your company to help garner a steady stream of positive feedback from your customer base. Often times, these types of marketing campaigns are done via social media sites, so please contact us today to discuss how we can help to create more positive customer feedback for your local company.

Getting 5 star reviews from your customers should be a top priority. Your entire staff must be trained to ensure customer service is job 1. That is really the key to getting the best online reviews possible. Also should you receive a bad review, if you engage the customer it is really easy to turn that bad review into a true five star review.

Improve Your Company’s Online Web Presence Right Now

Now that you are aware of the basics of how can help to improve your business’s local online presence management, it is time to take action. Contact us today in Charlotte to set up a free, initial consultation to discuss all of your online marketing needs and concerns. We can be reached anytime at 704-343-8700.