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Pay Per Click Advertising in Charlotte NC From AdWords Experts

Charlotte local business owners are looking for new ways to use Pay Per Click Advertising (a.k.a. PPC Marketing) to attract new customers.  Like other online marketing techniques, it is important to understand how PPC ads work before you begin using them. Many of our clients have asked us if Pay Per Click Marketing in Charlotte actually works. Read on to find out the truth about PPC marketing right now… The Basics of Pay Per Click Advertising in Charlotte NC is the best...

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Local Video Marketing Charlotte NC 704-343-8700

Local video marketing in Charlotte NC has increased new business while lowering online advertising costs. Every day new videos get uploaded to YouTube and wind up going viral. When millions of people view an online video and share that informative or entertaining clip, its easy to see just how many people can be reached via a viral video. Here’s something that small business owners need to know about using online video marketing in Charlotte NC to reach more customers.  It’s...

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