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mobile-marketing-charlotte-ncWhile some local Charlotte NC business owners have shied away from online local mobile marketing and using the internet to promote their businesses, the times are changing. No small business owner can ignore the marketing power available via internet marketing. Perhaps no other online marketing strategy is more powerful right now than targeted local mobile marketing. As you already know, people are using their smart phones and tablets to stay on-the-go, while still having a direct line to the internet. In fact, recent studies have shown that 84% of people use smart phones, tablets and other mobile devices to go online to search for information, directions and links to local businesses. In other words, unless you don’t want to reach over 80% of your customer base here in Charlotte, then it is important to get started with targeted mobile marketing right now.

Is Your Website Mobile Responsive?

If you have ever gone online to check out a web page on your smart phone, you probably realize that some websites are not optimized for viewing on smaller, mobile device screens. This is a major turnoff for prospective customers who go online to look for information. In fact, some people will ignore a website completely if it is not mobile responsive. The web designers and technicians here at have been updating client websites to make them mobile responsive and creating brand new mobile responsive sites too. If you have a company website that needs redesigned, or plan on launching a new website in the future, contact our team to ensure that your site is fully optimized for mobile viewing, so all the good folks here in Charlotte are able to connect to your site and enjoy viewing it on their mobile devices.

Here is a sobering fact to consider – If your website is not mobile responsive, but your competitor’s website is, you may very well end up losing lots of potential customers each and every day. If someone doesn’t like viewing your outdated website on their smart phone, they will definitely give their business to your competitor who has an up-to-date, mobile responsive website.

targeted-mobile-marketingEasy to Manage Mobile Marketing Services in Charlotte NC

Some business owners believe that setting up a targeted local mobile marketing campaign is hard enough and that ongoing management of mobile marketing solutions is even harder. has earned the reputation as the best digital marketing agency because we take all of the hard work out of your hands.  We are a top Charlotte SEO services company and we will help you to set up internet marketing strategies that are easy to implement and even easier to manage down the road. By using targeted mobile marketing advertising with AdWords you will be attracting more customers and clients to your business instantly. We will explain everything so you aren’t feeling overwhelmed by the various technologies and online marketing tools that it takes to successfully reach your target customers online. To find out more about how we can help you with all of your targeted local mobile marketing needs, please contact to find out why so many local business owners have called us the best digital marketing company in Charlotte NC! 704-343-8700